The Conference will be held virtually

There will be 2 days of activities divided in 4 sessions of 2 hours each

Start 11 AM / Interval 1 PM / End 4 PM (GMT-3)

The Conference will be led by Héctor Daer - President

Session 1

11 AM


Greetings by UNI President

Rubén Cortina

Special guest

Approval of the Agenda and Conference Program

Approval of the Resolutions Committee and Credentials

Discussion and Approval of Motions:

· Sustainable America
· All included! LGTBI+, Afro-descendants and Indigenous Peoples
· Migration: for the creation of decent work and the protection and respect for migrant workers
· Gender equality to build fairer and more sustainable societies
· Making it happen: increasing youth representation in UNI Americas
· In defense of Human Rights


1 PM

Session 2

2 PM

Let's Build Our Future
Breaking Through

Credentials Committee Report

TUCA General Secretary

Rafael Freire

Approval of the Breaking Through Plan

Regional Executive Committee Elections

Presentation by the President

Session 3

11 AM

Let's build our Future
with Regional Integration

An America with Regional Integration

UNI General Secretary

Christy Hoffman

Special guest

Discussion and Approval of Motions:

· In defense of a regional and sub-regional integration
· Build union unity
· The role of trade unions confronting the covid-19 pandemic


1 PM

Session 4

2 PM

Defend Our Rights
Build Our Future

Discussion and Approval of Motions:

· Work in the Digital Age: Challenges of Organizing New Workers
· Communication as an instrument of power

Financial reports

Presentation by the Regional Secretary

Closing - 15 minutes