The 6th UNI Americas Postal and Logistics Conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on September 12 and 13.

8.30 AM – 5 PM (GTM -3)

Registration of the participants

8.30 AM

Session 1: Opening Video

10.30 AM

1.1 Welcome – Jim Sauber, President UNI Americas Post & Logistics.

1.2 Jens Saverstam, Vice-president UNI P&L - UNI P&L Europa President.

1.3 Cornelia Berger, Head UNI Post & Logistics.

Session 2: Statutory Order

11 AM

2.1 Adoption of the agenda, and rules of the conference.

2.2 Nomination of the Credentials and Resolutions Committee Members.

2.3 Approval of the Credentials and the Resolutions.

Coffee Break

11.15 AM

Session 3: Welcoming Speakers

11.40 AM

3.1 Words by Paulo Ramos, Federal Depute, Rio de Janeiro.

3.2 Words by Rivaldo, General Secretary FENTECT.

3.3 Words by Marcio Monzane, Regional Secretary UNI Américas.

Report on the Credentials Committee

12.05 PM


12.10 PM

Words by Christy Hoffman, UNI General Secretary

2 PM

Session 4: Let’s defend the right to an inclusive and good-quality public postal service

2.15 PM

The privatization of the post office will result in the outsourcing of services; job cuts and the reduction of the postal network, affecting the poorest and most vulnerable population located in remote places. UNI Americas P&L must continue to fight against privatization and defend the quality and inclusive public postal service; our fight is against deregulation, and labor reforms that limit the right to bargain collectively and constitute a threat to trade unions. We must advance in the debate on legislation that allows postal operators in the region to provide a quality and inclusive service.

4.1 The Post & Logistics sector's struggle against privatization.

- Mark Dimondstein, President APWU, USA
- José Rivaldo, General Secretary FENTECT, Brasil
- José Aparecido Gimenes Gandara, President FINDECT, Brasil
- Regino Martins, CC.OO. Spain
- Pepe Sayagues, UGT, Spain

Interventions at the conference on the struggles against privatization and liberalization (25 mts).

Coffee Break

3.45 PM

4.2 Building trade union alliances to coordinate strategy in multinational companies

4.05 PM

Considering changes and transformations in the market, unions in the postal, logistics, and transport sectors seek to share experiences to coordinate their strategies in multinational companies.
- Edgar Díaz, General Secretary ITF.
- Loïc Verreman, UNI Postal & Logistics.

Exchange of views on establishing and developing union alliances with other global unions.

Closing session of the first day

5.05 PM

Welcome dinner offered by the affiliates FENTECT and FINDECT

8 PM

9 AM – 3.30 PM (GTM -3)

Opening Session second day – Alberto Cejas, Vice-president UNI P&L

9 AM

- Words by Jandira Feghali, Deputed Federal Rio de Janeiro.
- Words by José Aparecido Gimenes Gandara, President FINDECT.

Session 5: Let's build our future with an innovative, reliable, environmentally friendly, and community-serving mail service.

9.30 AM

The postal network is a network of proximity to the communities, trusted by its customers, which facilitates the implementation of public policies, in many countries, the postal services are strategic partners. The evolution of the sector urges us to question ourselves about how unions can promote changes in the sector, aimed at providing a more ecological service and mitigating climate change. What will be the role of trade unions in the future? An inclusive and innovative approach is required where unions lead the debate on the future structure of postal companies, including the different needs and requirements of workers to ensure that no one is left behind.

5.1 The challenges of the Post & Logistics Sector in the digital age and the greening of P&L activities

- Video on the digital and ecological post.
- Jan Simpson, CUPW President, Canada
- Susan C. Alexander, UPU Postal Regulation and UN Policies Expert Policy, Regulation and Markets Directorate (15mts)
- Video of Post Service in Argentina
- Alberto Cejas, General Secretary, FOECYT, Argentina
- Marcos Sant Águeda, FINDECT, Brazil.
- Ireland on Diversification e-commerce, green post (TBC)

Exchange of views on the inclusion of new needs and demands in collective.

Coffee Break

11 AM

Session 6: Let’s defend our rights to a fair postal and logistics market that guarantees quality service at affordable prices

11.20 AM

The technological developments, the introduction of unfair competition by private operators, the expansion of e-commerce and the growing importance of courier, express mail and parcel activities have put pressure on the employment conditions of postal and logistics workers. Competition must be controlled and regulated to avoid social dumping in the sector. The importance and obligation of having due diligence processes have become part of the political debate both globally and nationally. How can postal unions face competitors such as Amazon and other parcel companies?

6.1 The challenges of the Post & Logistics Sector to build power and achieve a fair postal and logistics market

- Video Brian Renfroe, Vice-president NALC, USA.
- Jim Sauber, Staff Chief, NALC, USA.
- Nick Rudikoff, UNI Sindicato Global
- Ronaldo Luiz Rodrigues Leite, FINDET, Brazil.
- Ramon Ermacora, AATRAC, Argentina.

Exchange of views on how trade unions should act to promote effective market regulation that guarantees good working conditions, decent wages, and high quality of service through extensive coverage of collective bargaining, social dialogue, organization, GFAs and due diligence processes in multinational companies.


12.30 PM

Session 7: Let's fight together to improve the working conditions of workers at UNI Americas Postal & Logistics.

2 PM

7.1 Strategic Priorities 2022 – 2026: Let's defend our rights with union growth.

Session 8: Approval of motions presented to the Conference

- Motion on Strategic Priorities 2022-2026
- Motion on the geographical distribution of the Committee: modification of Area IV to create Area IV (2 additional seats) to Brazil, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador y Bolivia.
- Solidarity Statement for Pakistan/Spanish Post/CWU.

Session 9: Elections

Chair Jens Saverstam World Vice President UNI Post & Logistics

9.1 Elections of the new committee members.

Session 10: Closing