The 6th Regional Conference of UNI Americas ICTS will be held on June 15-16, 2021. The current global health situation due to the pandemic forces us to carry out this activity virtually through the Zoom platform. "New times, new challenges. Defend rights and advance further" will be the tagline of the Conference, used to identify the work in the sector for the next period 2021 - 2024.

12 PM - 4 PM (GMT-3)

UNI Americas ICTS Regional Committee Meeting

12 PM

Session 1

12:30 PM


Words of welcome by authorities - Conference guidelines

Alke Boessiger
Andy Kerr
Rubén Cortina
Marcio Monzane
Héctor Daer
Benjamin Parton

Adoption of the agenda

Statutory considerations and approval of Conference Standing Orders, obituary

Approval of the Credentials and Resolutions Committee

Session 2

1:30 PM

Presentation of the regional report for the period 2017-2021

Action Plan 2021-2025 - UNI Breaking Through: New times, new challenges

Defend OUR rights and MOVE FORWARD - UNI Americas ICTS Regional Committee

André Luís Rodrigues
André Lewis

Video on sector activities

Approval of motion on the Action Plan


2 PM

Session 2 (continued)

2:20 PM

Gender in the Telecommunications sector, participation and representation of women in ICTS

Cristiane do Nascimento

Organizing experience, training of workers, and organizing youth

Yuli Higuera - UTRACLARO, Colombia
Jose Antonio Bonilla - FESC, Nicaragua

Global Framework Agreements and their importance before, during and post-pandemic

Christy Hoffman

Organizing IT workers and large companies in the Sector such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook

Karri Lybeck

Building a sectorial organizing strategy to reach tech workers and non traditional workers

Tom Smith / Joan Chandler - CWA United States

Building organizing on Google

Kimberly & Auni - AWU-CWA United States

12 AM - 4 PM (GMT-3)

Session 3

12 PM

Defend rights and advance further - Teleworking and the Right to Disconnect

SPECIAL GUEST: Advisor to the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Argentina - Pablo Arnaldo Topet
Ricardo Campos Peña - SINATE, Chile
Daniel Rodriguez - FOEESITRA, Argentina

Video about Telework


Teleworking and the Right to Disconnect

Session 4

1 PM

New times, new challenges

Contact Centers - Organizing in Teleperformance

Benjamin Parton

The challenge of organizing contact centers in Mexico

Maricarmen Llamas - STRM, México

Organizing in Jamaica in contact centers companies

Rudolph Thomas - BITU, Jamaica

Organizing contact centers in Brazil

Maura Cava - SINTETEL, Brazil
Luis Antonio Silva - FITT Livre, Brazil

Communication and digital organizing - New ways and opportunities for union organizing

Reynaldo Corporán - FEDOTRAZONAS, Dominican Republic

Approval of Motion on Contact Centers


2:30 PM

Session 5

3 PM

New times, new challenges. Defend rights and advance further

Elections of the Regional Committee, Vice-Presidents and President of UNI Americas ICTS

Words by the President